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Limited Governmental Notary Public

Notaries public are appointed by the Governor pursuant to Title 29, Chapter 43, Delaware Code. Delaware law requires that notaries meet the following requirements (29 Del. C. §4301):

  • Good character and reputation;
  • A reasonable need for a notary commission;
  • Legal residence within the State (except non-residents who maintain a Delaware workplace); and
  • Be at least 18 years of age.

In addition, to qualify under this category, you must meet the criteria in Title 29, §4306 (d) which are as follows:

  • the individual is an employee of a Delaware State governmental agency or unit; or
  • the individual is an employee of a qualified Delaware police agency (State, County, municipal or local); and
  • the individual submits both an application form and an employer request and approval form

Notary Public Commissions under this category expire upon the end of the notary’s employment with the State or qualified police agency (hereinafter “qualified employer”) and require no application fee. Notaries appointed under this category shall have no authority to perform any notarial acts except for those established by their respective agencies and cannot charge for any service rendered. The expiration date required by law to be contained on the notary seal shall be satisfied by the phrase “My Commission expires upon office”.

In order to request appointment, the qualified employer must complete a corporate application by clicking here. Upon receipt and approval of the corporate application, the employer will be issued a Company ID number. This number must be provided to the employee for entry into the notary application. Please note: the qualified employer need only complete this application once. The same Company ID number will be used for every employee the employer wishes to have apply for a commission.

Notaries who transfer to another agency which qualifies under this category may retain their Commission by having the new qualified employer submit the required request form within 30 days of such change. Please select the last option below to download the form required to perform the transfer.

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