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In order to qualify for a Delaware State eNotary commission, you must be a Delaware resident or maintain an office or a regular place of employment within the State. A non-resident may qualify for a Delaware eNotary commission under certain circumstances. For more information about non-resident notary qualifications, click here.

In establishing a corporate account with the Secretary of State, every company will be required to provide a physical Delaware address to receive service of process, subpoenas and other documents. This must be a legitimate street address, not a post-office box or mail drop. If your company is not located in Delaware you can retain a commercial service provider, called a registered agent, to provide the required residency requirement. For a listing of companies providing commercial registered agent services, visit:

If your principal place of business is within the State of Delaware you do not need to establish a corporate account to apply for a notary commission. However, any organization that anticipates a high volume of notary activity may establish a pre-funded depository account with the Secretary of State to manage this activity. If you wish to establish a depository account to consolidate your firm’s accounts payable across numerous notaries, select the "In-State Depository Account" when presented with this option.

If you represent a Delaware-based service organization (Fire, Ambulance/Rescue, Veterans’ group.) or fall within the Limited Governmental category (Police, State Government employee) you will select the correct description from the pull-down menu when presented with this option.

There is no fee for a corporate application. Individual Notary application fees will apply. To continue completing your application please click the link below.

  • My principal place of business is located IN THE STATE OF DELAWARE

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